Made it, nailed it: Vegan Onion Bhajis


Indian is such a good cuisine if you’re vegan. So many dishes are already fully plant-based, and ones that aren’t can be quite easily adapted. At least one Indian dish happens weekly at my house and this recipe here for Crispy Onion Bhajis is a guaranteed winner. Seriously, it’s so good I’m even salivating writing this post.

The person responsible is Sarah from A Saucy Kitchen (go check her out!), who has completely outdone herself with these ultra tasty starters (or snacks), and the recipe is SO easy to replicate. I’ve now made these about 5 times and know they will be on rotation for many years to come.

From a health perspective they’re great as they’re not only vegan but gluten-free (using chickpea flour) – the only slight negative is that in order to be crispy they do need to be fried (in coconut oil though so it’s not too bad y’know). You can also make the batter in advance and pop in the fridge in a bowl with the sliced onions, so it’s ready to pull out and cook when you want.

What to eat them with

I like to make the Onion Bhajis as a starter or accompaniment to a curry and rice that’s the main event. One particular favourite curry is this amazing vegan Potato Kofta ‘Butter Chicken’ number I found on One Green Planet. It is DELICIOUS and very reminiscent of my old butter chicken favourite, but word of warning – don’t eat too much in one go. Best to break it up with other dishes or a huge side pile of greens.

Other options for curries are endless and easily cranked out (lentil dhal, chickpea masala, vegie korma, etc.), whether you’re doing it from scratch or using a bought paste. An added bonus is that you can often use whatever veggies are lying around in your fridge needing to be used, along with other easy pantry items like spices or a can of coconut milk.

Get in my belly naan (image credit Minimalist Baker)

I also saw this recipe for an Easy Vegan Naan the other day from plant-based cooking legend Dana at Minimalist Baker and will be definitely giving it a try soon so I can complete my Indian feast night. How good does it look?! Wow I’m hungry.

Bring on dinner people!

Top image credit: A Saucy Kitchen

What are your favourite Indian vegan dishes? Tell us what you think of these Onion Bhajis!

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